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Re: Intent to Package: Mozilla, Japhar, and Classpath

Brent Fulgham wrote:
> I intend to package a trio of projects that will combine to create a free
> web browser implementation.

I believe you've been beaten to the punch on these.

> 1.  Mozilla-- 

Check out the thread a bit ago on debian-devel at: 

> 2.  Japhar-- 
> 3.  Classpath -- 

I announced an ITP on the combo of these two to the debian-java list
about three weeks ago. (Unfortuenately, debian-java is not currently
archived.)  You are welcome to join the debian-java list, and I'm sure I
wouldn't mind some extra help on the packages.  I'm waiting for Japhar
to release 0.08, which they say is "RSN".

> Obviously, Japhar and Classpath will not provide the high performance of
> kaffe's JVM (yet), but they do provide an entirely free alternative to Sun's
> proprietary system.  AFAIK, even Kaffe requires the use of Sun's base
> classes.

I was under the impression that Kaffe reimplemented the class library.
> Thanks,
> -Brent
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