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Re: Release-critical bug report

Previously Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Would it be possible to reinstitute the release-critical bug report on
> your homepage on master, obviously with a cleared exceptions list?

Yes. But I'ld like to rewrite the scripts somewhat first. Here is a 
short list of things I'ld like to add before putting them online

* fix the numbering in the graph, right now they don't use exclusions
* add lines for bugs marked FIX and STRATEGY to the graph
* improve the report-page somewhat
* maybe allow developers to modify the comments for a bug via email?
* maybe split reports for main, contrib, etc. into seperate pages?
* maybe something I haven't thought of yet?

> Alternatively, maybe this is something for the new release manager to
> take over?

I hope so, but I'ld still like to finish the rewrite first.


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