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Re: How does anyone keep up with this list?

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 02:41:42PM -0500, James R. Van Zandt wrote:
> Sven LUTHER <luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:
> > maybe someone knowledgeable with mutt and procmail, or whatever stuff
> > is mostly used could make a `debian-lists-reader-help` packages that
> > contains the apropiate config files needed to easily read the
> > different debian mailing lists, as well as a small documentation or
> > howto on how to best use them so that the less promail/mutt/... savvy
> > users can read their mail easily.
> > I would do it, but my knowledge on debian lists and procmail stuff is
> > a bit limited ...
> That's okay.  If you put something rough together, then others can
> help refine it.  
no, i am not the right guy for that, i just sort mail in mailing list by hand
edited .procmailrc, and read them normally with mutt, no threading or other
such stuff, but perhaps one of the people suggesting advanced procmail and
muttrc stuff could help here ...


> Here's how I'm doing it at present:
> I read all my mail with emacs rmail.  I sort messages by subject
> (primary) and date (secondary) (that is, C-c C-s C-d C-c C-s C-s).  I
> then display a summary of only the unseen messages (C-u l unseen).
> Advantages: 
> The sorting threads things approximately (not where system clocks or
> time zones are incorrect).  I can delete a message with a single
> keystroke.  Looking at the summary, I can tell how many messages are
> in the same thread, and delete them rapidly.
> Disadvantages: 
> List traffic is not separated from personal email.  The system keeps
> no memory of which threads do not interest me, so the next time I read
> the mail I still have to check each subject manually.  I can minimize
> this overhead by waiting a couple of days before reading mail again.  
> Notes: 
> I would like a single command for "delete current message and all
> following messages with the same subject".  A friend even drafted one
> for me.  Unfortunately, it does not work, and I do not know enough
> elisp to debug it.
> I would like to improve my setup.  Scoring would be nice.  I have
> tried GNUS a couple of times, but was not able to get it working.  A
> pre-tuned set of scripts and config files, with some discussion, would
> be a big help.
>                           - Jim Van Zandt

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