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Re: How does anyone keep up with this list?

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 03:32:26AM -0500, John Rizzo wrote:
> Hey guys.. I would like to start helping with debian in any way possible.
> I have been haning out on this list for a while to see how everything
> works with you guys.  My only question is how does anyone ever keep up
> with this list.  Its huge and every day I check the list and after getting
> through reading everything that has been posted I stop for a little while
> and there are a ton of messages again.  I know I could use filters and
> stuff.  Is that how everyone else monitors the list?

maybe someone knowledgeable with mutt and procmail, or whatever stuff is mostly
used could make a `debian-lists-reader-help` packages that contains the
apropiate config files needed to easily read the different debian mailing
lists, as well as a small documentation or howto on how to best use them so
that the less promail/mutt/... savvy users can read their mail easily.

Is there anywhere a debian-lists-policy document, who wuold describe in which
case to write to which lists, what kind of threads, and other such stuff. If
yes it could go also in such a package ...

I would do it, but my knowledge on debian lists and procmail stuff is a bit
limited ...



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