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Re: Device detection?

Torsten Landschoff <t.landschoff@gmx.net> writes:

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> On Fri, Mar 05, 1999 at 12:30:12AM -0600, Stephen Crowley wrote:
> > Yes, I was wondering if it would be possible to do a brute force scan for
> > some older legacy hardware. Just cycle through the i/o and irq ports for
> > some commonly used hardware. Some devices might lock up on this though, so
> > they would have to be installed manually.
> Two other approaches:
> 1. modify the kernel to allow modules to autoprobe
> 2. do a "manual autoprobe" by loading each module with the parameters it uses
> for autoprobing when compiled into the kernel (I think SuSE does something
> like this).

IIRC, NT and/or Solaris (I forget which - perhaps both) will ask you
if you have additional CDROMS or SCSI hardware.  Perhaps a good
approach would be to scan for PCI and ISAPNP devices, present a list
of what was found, ask the user if they have any additional CDROM's,
Network Cards, SCSI controllers, etc. and probe if they say yes.


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