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Re: now that the logo contest is over...

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Ted Whalen wrote:

> i have to admit that I prefer the less-abstract logos.  I think that
> logos without a mascot, animal, or concrete object in them look *too*
> coporate for Debian.  That said, I didn't even consider the text-only
> logos or the "text + some sort of swoosh" logos.
> I also liked the logos for which the symbolism for Debian was readily
> apparent.  Animal metaphors that needed a lot of explanation, or whose
> animals have different unrelated associations.  I put the ant and the
> wolf in this category.  When I work on Debian, I don't feel like an ant
> or a wolf, I feel like a bee or a person.  I suppose some of the more
> important developers feel like overworked Djinn, especially lately.
I think so, too.  Under these thoughts I like the following logos best:

filip-1.jpg    idsfa-3.jpg    sfax-3.jpg     villate-1.jpg
grumbel-1.gif  ivana-0.gif    tomi-0.gif     villate-2.jpg
idsfa-0.jpg    japp-3.gif     villate-0.gif

I don't want to prefer a special one of them, but I like the ideas
and the realisation of these ideas.  OK, I prefer the orca idea but
the other ones could fit my expectations to a logo (possibly after
some overwork).

Kind regards


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