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Re: now that the logo contest is over...

Ted Whalen wrote:
> [ moved over from debian-private ]
> Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
> > Ed Boraas wrote:
> > >
> > > What are some other peoples' thoughts on the submissions?
> > >

If it's moved so be it. Please excuse me for reposting my previous
e-mail here, but I want to make others aware about my preferences. Make
some lobby for them. I will put the winner on my site after all and I
would prefer to have here something that I like :-)

Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
> >From the gimp images, my preferred ones are, in the order of preference:
> [raul-1] beside what's written there, I would say that the genie usually
> becomes your slave and makes your wishes become true.
> [shade-0] the number is what makes wolves strong
> [terop-0] as Tero is saying, "This logo brings heroes of free software
> world to the spotlight."
> [dmichaud-1] looks good
> As I have said, I like the most the raul-1, both for how it looks like
> and for the ideas it can express.

I have to agree with Ted that Tero's hats can be confusing. I haven't
thought of that. Maybe we can ask Tero to use a red scarf, like those of
the pirates. Oh, no... that's also red. :-)

> I also liked the logos for which the symbolism for Debian was readily
> apparent.  Animal metaphors that needed a lot of explanation, or whose
> animals have different unrelated associations.  I put the ant and the
> wolf in this category.  When I work on Debian, I don't feel like an ant
> or a wolf, I feel like a bee or a person.  I suppose some of the more
> important developers feel like overworked Djinn, especially lately.

I like to feel like a wolf. :-) 
But agree, it has many side connotations and not everybody sees the wolf
like the nicest animal around.

So lets vote for raul-1 :-)


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