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Re: now that the logo contest is over...

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Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
> Ed Boraas wrote:
> > 
> > What are some other peoples' thoughts on the submissions?
> > 

i have to admit that I prefer the less-abstract logos.  I think that
logos without a mascot, animal, or concrete object in them look *too*
coporate for Debian.  That said, I didn't even consider the text-only
logos or the "text + some sort of swoosh" logos.

I also liked the logos for which the symbolism for Debian was readily
apparent.  Animal metaphors that needed a lot of explanation, or whose
animals have different unrelated associations.  I put the ant and the
wolf in this category.  When I work on Debian, I don't feel like an ant
or a wolf, I feel like a bee or a person.  I suppose some of the more
important developers feel like overworked Djinn, especially lately.

The logos I like:

raul-1, (the genie bottle logo) because it's cleanly rendered and has
good associations (magic, miracles, Barbara Eden) and I also like that
the genie-bottle is somewhat exotic and enticing.

terop-0, (those people with the interesting hats) because it is just
beautiful (I could look at it for hours) and because of all the
associations already mentioned.  One's first thought when looking at
the logo is 'Who is this guy?' and when the answer is 'one of a
community of over 400 developers working together to produce a free
operating environment' that's pretty cool.  That first hat can't be
Red, though, that's just confusing for people.

lindig-0, (the #! logo) appeals to me as a developer and geek, but I
don't know if Joe Sixpack (does he use Linux?) would 'get' or
appreciate its significance.  As much as I like its simplicity and
sharpness, I don't know if it's a good logo for the distribution as a

As for my overall opinion, I'd have to go with raul-1, just because of
the hats on terop.  Somebody's already got the hat thing cornered, and
we don't want people thinking "Debian?  Aren't they the guys that wear
the Red Hats?"

                   And it says "I burn."
                 Ted Whalen - tew@nwu.edu

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