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Re: How does anyone keep up with this list?

> On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 03:32:26AM -0500, John Rizzo wrote:

> > Hey guys.. I would like to start helping with debian in any way
> > possible.  I have been hanging out on this list for a while to see
> > how everything works with you guys.  My only question is how does
> > anyone ever keep up with this list.  Its huge and every day I check
> > the list and after getting through reading everything that has been
> > posted I stop for a little while and there are a ton of messages
> > again.  I know I could use filters and stuff.  Is that how everyone
> > else monitors the list?

If you run your own local news spool, you can use procmail and mail2news
to post the lists on your system and use a threaded news reader.  This
works very well for me on my laptop.  You should be careful, however, as
to who has access to debian-private, since that is a confidential list
and is not intended to be read by non-developers.

This method has several advantages:

(1) Old messages will expire automatically and can easily be archived
    automatically using standard Usenet methods.

(2) You can use the automatic threaded features of news readers, which
    are usually easier to configure than mail readers.

(3) If you use accounts on multiple hosts, you can follow the lists from
    any of those hosts using NNTP over the network.

(4) If there are several persons on your local network who follow the
    more popular public lists, like debian-user or debian-devel, you can
    save bandwidth and disk space by setting up a news server for your
    network and subscribe the gateway to the news server, instead of
    subscribing each person to the lists.

I can provided the details of how I implemented the mail2news gateway on
my system if anyone is interested.


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