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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

> >   -------------------------------------------------------------
> >   We should start now with potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >   -------------------------------------------------------------
> start with frozen, or what?

No, with potato!! Slink should be frozen, now! The one week is for the
two? bugs, boot-floppies, cd images and testing. And what do the rest
of 400 - 10 developers???

We must start now with egcs and glibc-2.1. Not in a month or two. 

And possible we should also start to reduce the bugs!!!! We have to many 

> I disagree (a little bit).
> 1.) slink is not out of the door

ehmmm, will you watch how the door goes open? Sorry!

Debian is not -- or should not -- be static. We must go on!!!!

> 2.) if we wait o _short_ time, we have the new kernel, gnome (and kde?) 
>     in the distribution.

??? we cannot work on potato, because we must wait on kernel, kde or
something? Waiting is bad! It is possible that you waits forever. 

We must start now, or we have the same situation as now -- frozen, frozen,
frozen again, frozen, 1.party, frozen, 2. party, ....

Lets say, the next three months are for developing and bug fixes. After
that, _one_ !!! month for frozen! + one or two weeks for boot-floppies,
cd-images and testing. And bug fixes must be done during development phase
not during frozen!!



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