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slink is gone, goals for potato?

So slink is released, it is stable, everybody is happy. Kids are dancing in the
streets, and we are all a little out of it on {v,d}beer. You get the picture. 

But what about potato? No, I am not talking about the stuff they make vodka
out of, I am talking about the next release. Here is some ideas I throw
together, but I think our main goal should be to have no release goals :-)

General project goals:
potato estimated release - between June and August 1999
EGCS as default C compiler on all architectures
  It is needed to compile glibc 2.1
PAM as standard for authenticifcation.
  Still possible to configure machines without
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  Changes needed, off the top of my head - 
    * move /usr/doc/*    to /usr/share/doc/*
    * move /usr/info/*   to /usr/share/info/*
    * move /usr/man/*    to /usr/share/man/*
    * move /var/lib/dpkg to /var/state/dpkg
    * move /var/lib/*    to /var/?????/*
    * move non-lib dirs out of /usr/lib/* to /usr/share/*
    * remove /usr/dict
  How to hander this? 
    * Set lintain to complian
    * Just start uploading with changed dirs? and hope every package makes an 
      upload before release
    * Start filing bugs for packages that have not been changed
    * Do some NMUs
  What to do with old dirs? Leave symlinks to new ones or not?
First public release for powerpc architecture
  Start work on boot disks and CD early - so no mad rush
Completely support package uploads signed with gpg?
Support for lsh instead of ssh (lsh needs some work)

Package management goals:
Apt, the new front end to the package management system as standard
  Versions for:
    * Console        - telnet access, console lovers and vgaless wonders
    * Frame buffer   - for graphical install before X is configured
    * X, own toolkit - for people who do not like gtk or kde (?)
    * X, gnome/gtk   - apt in gtk fully intergrated with gnome 
    * X, kde/qt      - someone will do a port
Fix some bugs in dpkg, split dselect into a seperate package
Dconfig - new config system that doogie was doing
  How should it store data? text file are currently used.
  Versions for:
    * Console        - telnet access, console lovers, servers without graphics
    * Frame buffer   - for graphical install before X is configured
    * X, tk          - the orginal dconfig toolkit
    * X, apt toolkit - for consistancy
    * X, gnome/gtk   - somebody will port, intergrate with gnome 
    * X, kde/qt      - someone will do a port
A method for supporting package splits and package renames
Support for auto-building as much as possible
Implement build-depends
Support versioned provides?

Boot disk:
Move to bzip2 for install disk should get some more space
Install from serial line
More languages for the boot disk 
Graphical install Ben Pfaff is working on (optional)
  Kernel boot logo? - Debian logo
  Things needed
    * Fb fdisk
    * Fb apt
CD-ROMs with 2.88Mb boot disk, fit more stuff in.
Start work on boot disks and CD early, so ready for release, no mad rush.

Programs to include:
  Linux kernel 2.2.x  - default
  Linux 2.0.3[3-7]    - an option for those who do not want to run 2.2
  Hurd                - possibly?
  {Free,Open,Net}BSD  - unlikely
  glibc 2.1           - lots of recompiles
  glib and gtk+ 1.2   - lots of recompiles
Desktop enviroments
  Gnome 1.x           - Default?
  KDE 1.1 (free QT)   - No hard feelings?
  GNUstep             - Will it be stable?
  UDE                 - Is it free?
Window Managers
  Enlightenment DR 15 - still developers release, not 1.0, but stable
  Fvwm 2.2            - one of few wm to pass 1.0 (most are still alpha/beta)
Graphical Users Interfaces
  xfree86 3.3.3.x     - some more drivers, with redhat xconfigurator?
  berlin 0.x          - just for those who want to play
perl 5.005            - lots of recompiles
GNU Emacs 20.5        - new display engine with console syntax colouring
Mozilla 5             - it should be released in time
inn 2                 - maybe the old version avaliable as well

Have I missed any other goals or important points that need discussing?

I can't wait until my slink CDs come in the post, I suppose they still have to
press them first.
GNU does not eliminate all the world's problems, only some of them.
                                                -- The GNU Manifesto

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