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Re: Can I stop xdm/wdm from always starting up?

I should mention in my defense...


These files are MIME-attached.  I can't hit people with the cluebat much
harder than this.

[Bob, you're in charge of the Release Notes, right?  If slink winds up
being delayed and/or you get a chance, you could replace the section on X
with this text, if you feel that's appropriate.]

G. Branden Robinson              |    Communism is just one step on the long
Debian GNU/Linux                 |    road from capitalism to capitalism.
branden@ecn.purdue.edu           |    -- Russian saying
cartoon.ecn.purdue.edu/~branden/ |
Between Debian 2.0 ("hamm") and 2.1 ("slink") the XFree86 packages were
extensively reorganized; the xbase package exists solely to smooth the
transition for people upgrading from Debian 2.0 or earlier.  Once it has
been installed it may be removed at any time; it contains no programs,
libraries, or documentation.

Example commands are provided below for easy cut-and-pasting.

Important things to note:
1) Now that it has been upgraded, the xbase package should be removed as
   soon as is convenient.  Leaving it in place will make it necessary to
   use the "--force-depends" option to dpkg to remove any package that
   xbase depends on (like xdm and xfs, see below.)
  dpkg --remove xbase

2) xdm and xfs (among other programs) are now in their own packages.  They
will start automatically on boot if they are installed.  If you do not
desire this, remove the packages before your next reboot.
  dpkg --remove xdm
  dpkg --remove xfs

3) The /etc/X11/config file is no longer used and may be removed.  The
flags in it have been relocated to other files.
  man Xsession.options
  man xdm.options
  man xfs.options

4) The X font and static library packages have been renamed.
    xfntbase    ->    xfonts-base
    xfnt75      ->    xfonts-75dpi
    xfnt100     ->    xfonts-100dpi
    xfntscl     ->    xfonts-scalable
    xfntbig     ->    xfonts-cjk
    xfntcyr     ->    xfonts-cyrillic
    xfntpex     ->    xfonts-pex
    xslib       ->    xlib6-static
    xslibg      ->    xlib6g-static
There are no serious consequences of leaving the old X fonts and static
libraries around.  The contents of these packages have not changed.  The X
font server (xfs), for instance, formerly in xbase but now in its own
package, works just as well with xfntbase as with xfonts-base.  Still, it
is advisable to install the renamed versions of these packages as soon as
is convenient, in the event that their contents do change in the future.
Note that most people will only need the first four listed packages; if you
require any of the others, you'll probably know it.
  dpkg --install xfonts-base
  dpkg --install xfonts-75dpi
  dpkg --install xfonts-100dpi
  dpkg --install xfonts-scalable
  dpkg --install xfonts-cjk
  dpkg --install xfonts-cyrillic
  dpkg --install xfonts-pex
  dpkg --install xlib6-static
  dpkg --install xlib6g-static

Those looking for XFree86 documentation should start in /usr/doc/xfree86-common.
# Debian xbase package post-installation script
# Copyright 1998 Branden Robinson.  Licensed under the GNU GPL.
# Acknowlegements to Stephen Early, Mark Eichin, and Manoj Srivastava.

set -e

parseans () {
  if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo $default
    echo $1 | cut -c1 | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]';

trap "echo ;\
      echo 'Received signal.  Aborting configuration of xbase package.' ;\
      echo ;\
      exit 1" 1 2 3 15

case "$1" in
  configure) ;;
    exit 0 ;;
    echo "ERROR: xbase postinst called with unknown argument \"$1\"."
    echo "Aborting configuration of xbase package."
    exit 1 ;;

echo "The xbase package is obsolete and may be removed (with \"dpkg --remove xbase\")."
echo "If you are upgrading from Debian 2.0 or earlier, you should read the"
echo -n "/usr/doc/xbase/README.Debian file.  Read this file now? (y/n) [$default] "
read answer
answer=$(parseans $answer)
case "$answer" in
    sensible-pager /usr/doc/xbase/README.Debian
    echo "\"$answer\" not understood.  Using default of \"$default\"."


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