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Re: CD images for release

> Hopefully the mirrors are in sync and we're ready to go tonight. 
> i386 images are easy - Phil, can you sort those please? And the source
> images are probably easiest for you, too. And if you can sort out making
> copies of the other images, cdimage.debian.org would be the best place to
> advertise I guess...

No problem.  Doing it now.

BTW did we end up with slink 3 & 4 being common across architectures ?

> Steve Dunham has sparc images sorted, yes? If not, we may be able to help
> in Cambridge.
> And m68k/alpha people - who wants to do the images for those? In theory
> both can be done on an i386, unless I'm missing something. But it's
> probably worth doing last-minute sanity checks on them.
> Let's put this thing to bed. I won't be able to join the IRC party, I'm
> afraid, but I hope the rest of you that do have a good time...!

I have all the other architectures mirrored at open.hands.com, so if anyone 
has difficulty building their own, I can probably do them here, although I was 
getting dependency problems from m68k and sparc yesterday.

Cheers, Phil.

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