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Re: Can I stop xdm/wdm from always starting up?

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 01:46:59PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> I should mention in my defense...
> /usr/doc/xbase/README.Debian

I've actually came across this file, when you release it for the first time
(around -5 -6 ?), but since then, it went to oblivion in the mess that my
memory is becoming :-)

> These files are MIME-attached.  I can't hit people with the cluebat much
> harder than this.

Ouch! :-)
> [Bob, you're in charge of the Release Notes, right?  If slink winds up
> being delayed and/or you get a chance, you could replace the section on X
> with this text, if you feel that's appropriate.]

I think that's more than apropriate, since I'm not the only one with this
doubt. BTW, it seems that most of us (at least the ones reading this thread)
did hack /etc/init.d/xdm (or any other way) to work the way it did before
[hint, hint, hint, ... :-) ]
> 2) xdm and xfs (among other programs) are now in their own packages.  They
> will start automatically on boot if they are installed.  If you do not

Well, this is great for xdm, but what happens to us that have more than one
of xdm/wdm/kdm/login.app? One possible answer is if we need more than one,
then we're not the average user, and might as well hack the system, right? :-))

> 3) The /etc/X11/config file is no longer used and may be removed.  The

Mine are! ;-)

Thanks for setting this straight. On the overall, and after much considering :)
I think this is the best way to go. It removes the need to mess around a config
file for the average user, and for the rest of us, well, hack away :-)

Pedro Guerreiro.
Diplomacy: the art of letting someone have your own way.

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