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Re: Diskless boot NFS server image

>Some programs are still very awkward, eg
>ssh - creates a private key for the host in /etc/ssh
>fdutils - configures floppy disks devices depending on how many floppy
>          disks are installed, currently my program copies all devices
>          from the master system, so if the master only has one disk
>          drive, you want get the newer devices for other drives.

These two have postinst scripts that don't need input and you can just run them
on the client at a later time.  For the ssh one you could just run it on the
server in a chroot() environment.

>>note: i noticed that one of your scripts "exec /sbin/init". is this now 
>>possible ? some time ago it was not possible (init only worked, if it's
>>pid was 0).
>(Correction: I think you meant pid 1)
>You gave me a fright for a moment then! That is something I hadn't
>even considered...
>However, on my system it seems that exec keeps the same PID, and
>I suspect that this is standard behaviour. Please correct me if I am
>The PID of init on my master system == 1 == PID of init on my diskless client.

The reason for exec is to perform a straight exec() operation instead of a
fork();exec() operation.

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