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Re: slink's dpkg

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Santiago Vila wrote:
> I don't want to open a flame war, I just want to know how things are done,
> and what is our current policy about grave bugs and the release.
> As far as I know, grave bugs delay the release until they are fixed.
> I just want to know: Are we going to make an exception for dpkg?

Bzzzt!  Wrong!

We do normally delay the release for grave bugs.  However, we don't *have*
to.  It's up to the release manager.  The release manager balances the
(clear) seriousness of this bug, against the fact that no one seems likely
to fix it.

Were the packge not what it is, the release manager might well order its
removal from slink.  However, that's not an option.


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