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Re: debian rsync mirrors busy all the time

> My impression of the bandwidth shaping module was that each connection
> would be limited to about 256k.  This would impact existing "customers"
> ... the stats suggest there are at least a few people with "fast"
> connections who mirror off this server.

you are mostly right:
from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/shaper.txt:
o       Minimum shaping speed is currently about 9600 baud (it can only
        shape down to 1 byte per clock tick)
o       Maximum is about 256K, it will go above this but get a bit blocky.

i don't have a faster-than-256K connection, but maybe someone who does can
try and let us know what it means by being "blocky"?

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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