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Re: debian rsync mirrors busy all the time

On 24 Feb 1999, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

 : > I've got Midco to the point where they don't mind hosting the site
 : > unless it negatively impacts bandwidth (read:  uses to much of the
 : I'm told that 2.2 has some "bandwidth shaping" features that you might
 : consider looking at (presuming that the server in question even is a
 : linux box); I know they're on my list of things to study (so that I
 : can make a text-only web server never use more than 50% of a 28.8
 : line...)

My impression of the bandwidth shaping module was that each connection
would be limited to about 256k.  This would impact existing "customers"
... the stats suggest there are at least a few people with "fast"
connections who mirror off this server.

While I may sound like I'm arguing against myself, I don't know that I
want to limit bandwidth to each connection so much as I wish to
discourage multiple connections from the same person (realising that
proxies and firewalls complicate things).  The problem really seems to
be with two people - one with ADSL and one with a cable modem.  I'm not
going to name names; it's not that important.  I got to vent, and I feel
better :)

My impression is that the mirror would be less useful if each connection
were limited to something in the neighborhood of 256k (I don't have the
bandwidth module docs in front of me, or perhaps I'm thinking of the
Apache bandwidth module ...)  Obviously I'll be interested in any
information on the subject! 

Anyway, thanks for your idea, opinion, and kind words :)  I'm always
looking for feedback.  A mirror is the best way I can help at this
point; I'm not at all confident in my programming abilities.

Nathan Norman
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