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Re: debian rsync mirrors busy all the time

> I've got Midco to the point where they don't mind hosting the site
> unless it negatively impacts bandwidth (read:  uses to much of the

I'm told that 2.2 has some "bandwidth shaping" features that you might
consider looking at (presuming that the server in question even is a
linux box); I know they're on my list of things to study (so that I
can make a text-only web server never use more than 50% of a 28.8

			_Mark_ <eichin@thok.org>
			The Herd of Kittens
			Debian Package Maintainer

ps.  Thanks for the service! I have 3 pc's and a laptop that I keep up
to date via an rsync'ed mirror, and being able to keep the sources
fully up-to-date here makes some package development tasks a great
deal easier (especially rebuilding other packages with debugging so I
can provide better bug reports, if not fixes...)

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