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Re: Debian GNU/Unix replaces Debian GNU/Linux

> As a matter of fact, "Unix" is a trademark of some not-too-intelligent
> bloated corporation,[1] and yes, there is a certification requirement

I suspect you're *way* out of date.  Didn't the Unix trademark get
transferred to X/Open several years ago, and from there to The Open
Group when they merged?  There was something about short term
compromise path where you could call yourself unix if you were derived
from AT&T source, but anyone that passed the X/Open certification
suite could use it too, and long term, the only way to get it was to
pass the suite.  And there has been talk, at least, about various
vendors getting releases certified.  (Note that certifying "linux" is
probably meaningless or at least weak - you'd want to certify "Debian
GNU/Linux" because a lot of user space is included...)

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