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Re: Debian GNU/Unix replaces Debian GNU/Linux

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Jonathan Walther wrote:

> If we put the FreeBSD kernel in the main distribution as an alternative to
> the Linux kernel, (a legitimate alternative... we could have alternate
> bootdisk sets, etc), which binary images could coexist with each other on
> the systems and easily be switched between, then we should no longer be
> Debian GNU/Linux.
> I would much rather have Debian GNU/Unix which provides Linux and FreeBSD
> kernels side by side, instead of setting up a whole new Debian GNU/FreeBSD
> distribution, where only a few megs of binaries would be different to the
> Linux edition, and all the rest would be duplication. (Since FreeBSD DOES
> run our current linux binaries)

But there is no need for that.

The name of the project is "Debian".
The name of the Linux distribution made by Debian is "Debian GNU/Linux".
The name of the Hurd distribution made by Debian will probably (?) be
"Debian GNU/Hurd".
Another distribution would have its own name, too.

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