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Re: PROPOSAL: "Staging Areas"

In foo.debian-gtk-gnome, Jim Pick wrote:
> Hi,
> [snip excellent staging-area proposal] 

How will we handle those packages with dependencies on several
different libraries (that are unstable).

For example: we have a staging-glib-1.1.20 and a staging-gnome-0.99.72.
Are these staging branches released simultaneously?
If so, is there really a need to name the staging area after a particular
package?  Maybe we could just have a staging-really-unstable that contained
all the gnome-glib-gtk-other stuff?

It seems that we have almost a heirarchy here. (or at least a directed graph)

            ---> libgtk ------
           /                  \
libgnome --                    ---> libglib
           \                  /
	    ---> gdk-imlib ---

where a package can directly depend on one or more of the above four,
and will always indirectly depend on the packages downstream of the
arrowheads shown.

When a staging area is released, all staging areas upstream of of the
released one must be released simultaneously, and must have been
compiled with the downstream versions.

The only advantage I see of having these staging areas separate is
that you can save trouble by only releasing the packages in (for example)
stage-libgnome-x.x when the gnomelibs bump a version, but the gtklibs
stay the same.

However, you introduce complexity by having some packages that directly
depend on both libgtk and gdk-imlib.  Which staging-area should they
go into?  Can we ensure that we don't have overlapping releases of
these two libraries?  Is it dangerous to have a package in more than
on staging area at once (one gets recompiled with a new lib, and another


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