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New libpam package layout in potato

I'm Cc'ing this to the sudo, netatalk, and samba maintainers since they
are the ones affected.

The latest uploads of the libpam packages to potato have a slightly
changed layout of the files included in each one. There is no longer
a libpam0g-util package, and the libpam0g package contains no modules.
This was to bring the packages in line with policy and to rid it of
circular dependencies. Packages now look like:

libpam0g - .so's of libpam and libpam-misc
libpam0g-dev - guess
libpam-runtime - miscellaneous conf's and manpages
libpam-modules - All of the standard pam_* modules
libpam-pwdb - The pam_pwdb modules which uses libpwdb
libpam-cracklib - The pam_cracklib module which uses cracklib (duh :)
libpam-doc - html/sgml/ps documentation (html now supports dhelp)

There is a very good reason that libpam-modules is not required, simply
because it is very plausible to only use libpam-pwdb, or some other
modules. The apps will have to decide which modules it requires to

So now the apps that use libpam will have two dependencies, one on
libpam0g (done by shlibdeps) and the other will be on a module package
(I think most can use libpam-modules, which contains the pam_unix_*
modules) that the maintainer specifies. The second is not needed if the
app uses it's own module. NO packages should depend on libpam-runtime.

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