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Re: FVWM 2.2 officially released

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 08:27:36PM +0100, Vincent Renardias wrote:

> Why should fvwm1 stay around? Each time version N of any Debian
> packaged software is out, this version is packaged and _replaces_
> the version N-1 in the Debian archive. This is how it works with
> every package. Why should it be any different with fvwm?!

As long as someone is willing to maintain it, why not?  We have an
emacs19, lots of libc5 compatibility packages, an older version of
epic, tcl, and probably several other things.  If you look at Avery's
statistics, there appear to be a significant amount of people still
using it.

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