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dbuild running automatically on potato source tre

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I set up dbuild running nightly on a i386 potato system with a potato
source mirror. There are now 1418 source packages that build OK, as far
as dbuild can see, and 361 that have problems. See list below for the
names of the packages, and http://hibase.cs.hut.fi/~liw/dbuild-logs/
for the actual logs for failed packages.

Note that some packages fail to build because of problems in the build
environment: missing packages, or so on. Unfortunately, I do not have
the time to go through all 361 log files myself, and am hoping that the
developers whose packages are listed here will do it themselves and tell
me if the problem is in the build envirnoment and not in their package.
(Uninvolved people with too much time on their hands are also welcome
to browse the logs, of course.)

I am running dbuild on i386 not to produce .debs for uploads (I destroy
the .deb files, as it happens), but to make sure that build problems in
packages are visible ASAP. This will help porting efforts and raise the
quality of the distribution for everyone.

The following source packages failed:

WMRack a4c.suite abcmidi ace-of-penguins alsalib alsautils altgcc
amanda amcl anacron apmd asa ash aview balsa bash bb berlin bezerk
blackbox boot-floppies bridge cdrdao cern-httpd chameleon chase checker
circlepack cjk-latex clisp cln cmucl console-tools control-center cqcam
cracklib2 crossfire-client cxref dbf2mysql developers-reference dfm dftp
dhttpd dia dict-gazetteer dict-misc dict-wn doc-linux-hr docbook-doc
dosfstools dpkg-awk dsc dstool dstool-doc dstooltk-doc dump e2fsprogs
egcs egcs1.0 elk emacs-czech emacspeak emusic enlightenment eterm
ethereal exim f2c fbrowser flying fmtools fnlib fortunes-cs freetype
freewrl fsresize fte gbuffy gcc-m68k-linux gccchecker gconquest gdb
gdbm geda gem gentoo geomview gettext gftp ggi-devel gglyph gicon
gide gimp gimp1.1 glibc-pre2.1 gltt gmod gnat gnome-admin gnome-core
gnome-games gnome-libs gnome-objc gnome-utils gnotes gnumach gnumeric
gnurobots gpm gradio grafix groundhog gs gstalker gstep-core gsumi
gtk+1.1.13 gtk+1.1.14 gtk+1.1.15 gtk+1.1.5 gtk+1.1.6 gtk+1.1.9 gtkcookie
gtkglarea gtkglareamm gtkicq gtksee gtksql gtop guavac guitar gwave
gzilla htdig hurd hwtools hylafax hyperlatex iceconf icewm icmake icon
im imagemagick imgvtopgm installmanual-de intlfonts ipgrab iproute
isdnutils ispanish itcl3.0 jed jed-ja joystick karpski kbackup kbd
kernel-patch-2.0.33-m68k kernel-source-2.0.34 kernel-source-2.1.125
kiss latex2html ld.so ldap le lesstif libapache-mod-auth-pam
libapache-mod-auth-sys libapache-mod-dtcl libapache-mod-perl
libapache-mod-put libapache-mod-python libapache-mod-roaming libcgic
libch libcompface libelf libg++27 libg++272 libgd libgtk-perl libgtkgl0
libhtml-embperl-perl libnet-finger-perl libnet-rawip-perl libnss-ldap
libpam-ldap libpaper libpng0 libsrp-dev libtiff3 libtricks libungif
lilypond linbot linleech linpopup loadmeter lrzsz lsof m68k-vme-tftplilo
malaga mc mercury mesag3+ggi mgetty mig-i386-gnu mikmod mixviews moonlight
most mrtg mtr mysql-freebits ncpfs ncurses3.4 netbase netcdf netcdf-perl
newscache newsx nextaw nitpic nntp norwegian noweb ntfs octave-plplot
oldncurses omniorb pam paul pcd2html pciutils pcmcia-cs perl peruser php3
pilot-link plplot pnmtopng ppd-gs ppmtofb pppconfig prc-tools printop
psptools pyrite python python-gnome python-gtk python-ldap python-llnl
python-mysql python-netcdf python-xml quota raidtools rbootd regex
rpm2html rx samba scwm sdc semidef-oct series shapetools siag sketch slrn
slsc smail smalleiffel sml-nj snake4 snmptraplogd socks4-server strace
svgalib svgalib-dummy swig swish++ syslinux tcd tcl7.6 tclmidi tclx76
tcpdump tela tendra the tipa tk4.2 tkdesk tkstep4.2 tkstep8.0 tm tmview
tochnog trn uae ultra umich-ldap umsdos vat visual-tcl vm voberon vold
vrweb vtwm w3-el wallp wanpipe watchdog wavtools wdm webalizer webmagick
wine wmaker wmakerconf wmglobe wmsound wmss wnn workman workplace www-sql
wxftp wxgtk xaw3d xaw95 xcdroast xemacs20 xfaces xfree86 xfreecd xli
xloadimage xlockmore xlogmaster xmailtool xmbdfed xmpi xpcd xpm xqf
xringd xteddy xvmount xwave yagirc zed zephyr zlib zlib1 zmailer

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