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Re: debian rsync mirrors busy all the time

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

 : I keep a small local debian mirror synced using rsync. I'm been using
 : debian.midco.net and it's worked fine, but this past week debian.midco.net
 : always has it's max connections in use and I can't connect to it. I tried
 : saens.debian.org and it has the same problem. Are there any other rsync
 : mirrors out there I could use, or could the limits on these possibly be
 : bumped up?

As your friendly neighborhood debian.midco.net maintainer I have to
confess that I've been lax in my maintainer duties over the past 2-3
months (what is the deal with people who employ you making you work?? :)

However, I've got to assigning new IP addresses to this box and I'd like to
try a new NIC, so hopefully there will be progress soon :)  I won't get
very upset if y'all nag me.

Anyway, the connection limit currently is 20.  I don't desire to change
this since 15 concurrent rsync connections, plus normal http and ftp
traffic (we're part of the rotating http.us.debian.org DNS entry)
presents a good load, not so much on the machine but on our bandwidth.
I've got Midco to the point where they don't mind hosting the site
unless it negatively impacts bandwidth (read:  uses to much of the

The situation would be a lot better if people weren't greedy.  There's
at least two users who have high bandwidth connections (DSL and cable
modem) and I see these two regularly connected multiple times!  It's not
enough that you have 10 times the bandwidth as the regular Internet
citizen, but then you start hogging the connections ... sheesh.  It's
enough to make me consider the implications of using a wrapper and/or
some sort of authentication, or at least placing limits on known DSL and
cable modem sites (and we *provide* cable modem access, for pete's sake

As Jason mentions, there is some sort of bug that causes rsyncd to
maintain connection in the CLOSE state.  I don't know whether this is an
rsync bug or a kernel bug (I've heard both), but until it's fixed it's
yet another reason to not raise my limit.  I do try to "clean out" the
connections periodically (is there a "nice" way to do this?  killall is
a bit rude :)

Nathan Norman
MidcoNet  410 South Phillips Avenue  Sioux Falls, SD
mailto:finn@midco.net           http://www.midco.net
finger finn@home.midco.net for PGP Key: (0xA33B86E9)

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