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Re: GIMP Contest is quite a success!

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Hi,
> a lot of discussion was going on if the GIMP contest
> was a good idea, and that you can´t draw a good logo with a pixel based gfx
> program etc etc etc.

That's not what I said.  Please reread my two initial mails.

For sure you can draw a logo with a bitmap based program.
However if you want to achieve scalability, pixels are the
worst you can use.  Use vectors and you can scale it to
death without making the graphic look bad.

What I said is that I refuse to accept that limiting the creation
of our logo to one single pixel oriented program was a good idea.
There are several people who are too stupid to work with the
GIMP to draw a logo - take me as example.  There are other free
programs that are useful as well - and I belive which are more
useful for this task.

> I thnink the people who are discussing these things should take a look at the
> content web page and look at each submission. It is absolutely necessary that
> you look at all submissions, not just a few. Good and bad entries are sitting
> on each others side.

I'm mirroring it because my connection to the contest server is very
slow, but you already know that.  If s/o wants to get the script,
drop me a line.

> Creating a logo takes time. It is obvious that good entries will come a few
> days later then bad entries. I think Joey was too impatient and overreacted
> when writing to this list. I think the GIMP contest should be run as
> scheduled.

I support the last sentence, although I don't agree to the last
but one.  I believe that I jumped in at the right time to wake
up people before it is too late.

>  Joey, I ask you to take half an hour and look at all entries. Maybe the good
>  enrties arrived after you looked at the page the last time.

Marcus, I took a look at *all* entries that ended in .gif or .jpg.
Before going to lunch on Tuesday I had the evil idea to check and
after looking at four random pics which were not usable I hacked
a little wget script to download all the remainig pics and I viewed
all of them.

I noticed that there are several new submissions (about 40 more)
and I also noticed that some of them could be used as Debian logo.

> I agree that most logos will need to be reworked and ajusted a bit after
> choosen. But this can and will happen, and should not distract from the fact
> that there are good preliminary drafts for a logo on the web page.

I would tend to say that all of them need to be adjusted but that's fine.
What we need are good ideas and good beginnigs.

> Don´t put the GIMP contest down before it is finished.

Terminating the contest wasn't my intention.  However I wasn't not
sure if it was a good idea to use the gimp contest for such a thing,
just because gimp is not a vector based program and logos are vectors
and because there are expers for drawings/paintings but not for logos.
The GIMP contest was started and so it will end.

It was very important for me to mention that what I saw from the
contest on tuesday would be able to lead into no new logo.  We
should *not* depend on the GIMP contest nor trust the GIMP users
to do the right thing everytime.  What I saw led me to the conclusion
that we didn't give enough input which is probably our fault and 
thus we have to try to fix this.  Which is why I requested everybody
to think about logos and submit whatever he finds useful so we
get enough ideas to choose from.

> Remember how hard it is to design a logo, and how recently the logo contest was
> begun.

Err, you don't have to tell this to *me* since I spent 5 hours on
my 5 logo drafts and wasted several sheets of paper.  I was in this
business before and do I know that it costs time.



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