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GIMP Contest is quite a success!


a lot of discussion was going on if the GIMP contest
was a good idea, and that you can´t draw a good logo with a pixel based gfx
program etc etc etc.

I thnink the people who are discussing these things should take a look at the
content web page and look at each submission. It is absolutely necessary that
you look at all submissions, not just a few. Good and bad entries are sitting
on each others side.

I list a few logo entries below, which I think are good logos, but YMMV, and
there are many more logos (real logos) on the web page. There are bad
submissions, too, please have patient and ignore them.

oCreating a logo takes time. It is obvious that good entries will come a few
days later then bad entries. I think Joey was too impatient and overreacted
when writing to this list. I think the GIMP contest should be run as
 Joey, I ask you to take half an hour and look at all entries. Maybe the good
 enrties arrived after you looked at the page the last time.
I agree that most logos will need to be reworked and ajusted a bit after
choosen. But this can and will happen, and should not distract from the fact
that there are good preliminary drafts for a logo on the web page.

Don´t put the GIMP contest down before it is finished.
Remember how hard it is to design a logo, and how recently the logo contest was

(excuse the speeling errors, I am writing over a slow  link)


PS: Here a list of my personal favourites. There are more logos. I thank every
submitter for their entry.

saul-0 saul-1
geineder-0 geineder-1
(in no particular order)

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