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Re: Intent to package: GnuDIP

> I thought that was quite funny... :)

:) reminds me of my BBS days....

> The install script uses 'mysqladmin' and 'mysql', which is in
> mysql-base.... On my machine that is a non-free package...

ok, so now I'm confused.... Martin says it's not in non-free?
ah, well, I'll just email Scott (maintainer of mysql). I'm supposed to be
helping him test the MySQL packages anyway....

>  Section: non-free/devel
>   libraries. As of version 3.21.33-4, this package is in main instead of
>   non-free. This package does not include the server, which is in non-free.

isn't this contradictory? hmm...

i'll post a message when i have the package ready for testing..

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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