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Re: It's time to talk about Free Software

On Fri, Feb 19, 1999 at 10:04:03AM -0500, Daniel Martin wrote:
> I would contend that we can also do damage control without keeping the 
> Open Source trademark.  Namely, by publically declaring "Open Source
> software is not necessarily free software, some examples are ...; we
> dispute strongly the claim that OSS gains the same advantages of free
> software - OSS success stories should be scrutinized carefully, to see 
> if the success is really a matter of the software in question being
> free, not merely Open Source."

It's unfortunate that now we're actually getting somewhere with
"Open Source", we need to convince the general public to change again.
Just as I can finally read a mainstream computer magazine and see
mention of Open Source, the journalists need to be educated again.

It's worth doing, but can't afford to happen too often.

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