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Re: [prePROPOSAL] DFSG (draft 7)

On Sat, Feb 20, 1999 at 12:05:27PM +0100, Richard Braakman wrote:
> I still think it would be a much better idea to fix these holes with
> incremental amendments to the DFSG, so that the effect of each can be
> carefully considered.  It took us more than a year to discover all the
> ramifications of the DFSG.


> If the number of questions about licenses are a problem, then
> we could just start a license FAQ.  For example, the "without fee"
> question pops up regularly.  That's something that no amount
> of DFSG drafting will clear up.

Also agreed..

> > > 3. You should probably give up the G in DFSG, as these no longer seem
> > > guidelines, but a more precise, legalistic attempt to define exactly
> > > what free software is and isn't.
> > Again, it's *not* an attempt to be legalistic.  The opposite, it's an 
> > attempt to be clear.  Clearer than the current DFSG.
> I like the G, in fact.  Sure, it's a bit silly to use phrases like
> "... does not comply with our guidelines".  But calling them
> Guidelines at least allows us to make sane judgements about weird
> license clauses that aren't covered by them.

And again...

I guess what this amounts to is that I agree with Dark here...

> Richard Braakman

Zephaniah E. Hull..

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