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Re: Resellers/Random thoughts on commercialism

Stephen Crowley wrote:
> I was just discussing this idea with some folks on IRC and we seem to agree
> it would be a good idea.  I think it would be nice if we could have an
> "Resellers" or "Ordering" link on the main page on www.debian.org. With a
> a generic secure ordering page setup, and all vendors who sell cds could be
> part of it. It would be a simplified interface for ordering based on the list
> of vendors we already have.

I don't see how this is significantly different from
http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors, unless you want to add pricing info
and a link to allow the user to jump directly to an order screen at each

If you're implying we should set up a page that accepts credit card numbers,
that's really not a good idea. Consider the problem of securely transmitting
credit card and ordering info to a reseller, which will probably have a
unique hand-written system that needs to accept the data in a special
format. Multiply by 20+ vendors. Factor in international orders, different
monetary systems, etc, etc. Consider liability problems - if the vendor
falls down and doesn't provide the CD, could we be held responsible?

> I don't know about everyone else but I for one am sick and tired of seeing
> all these mainstream media stories about how great linux is and then they go
> on to only mention redhat, suse and caldera. I've found that the main reason
> for this is because we have no "reseller program", whatever that may be.

I'm not a corporate type so I don't know either what a "reseller program" is
exactly. I always thought it was a program where a company allowed other
companies to buy their products from them at a discount and sell them to
customers, which would efectively multiply the advertisements the product
gets. I don't really see how that applies to debian, since by that
definition anyone can be a debian reseller without paying us a cent.

see shy jo

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