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Re: Resellers/Random thoughts on commercialism

David Welton wrote:
> I don't even think it would be a bad idea if we sold something
> ourselves.  There's nothing wrong with selling free software.
> Organizing this, though, might be difficult.

I'm generally opposed to Debian selling debian, because I think it blurs the
hard line between us and all the commercial distributions, becuase I'm
worried it could create a conflict of interest situaton where we find
ourselves competing against other compainies selling debian and showing
favoratism toward our own selling efforts, and because it would create
administrative overhead for some developer(s) who would probably be better
occupied in other ways, and because debian already seems to have enough
money for day-to-day expenses.

With that said, if SPI wants to sell debian, more power too them. Just so
long as they're trested as just another debian reseller.

see shy jo

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