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Resellers/Random thoughts on commercialism

I was just discussing this idea with some folks on IRC and we seem to agree
it would be a good idea.  I think it would be nice if we could have an
"Resellers" or "Ordering" link on the main page on www.debian.org. With a
a generic secure ordering page setup, and all vendors who sell cds could be
part of it. It would be a simplified interface for ordering based on the list
of vendors we already have. I think this would be really convienent for people 
looking to order cds and it might make us a little more visible to the people 
who think you have to pay for everything. 

I don't know about everyone else but I for one am sick and tired of seeing
all these mainstream media stories about how great linux is and then they go
on to only mention redhat, suse and caldera. I've found that the main reason
for this is because we have no "reseller program", whatever that may be.
Would allowing orders from the debian.org website qualify as that? I don't
know. But I think it should be one of our priorities to promote free software
as best we can, and this would be one small step to doing that. But we should
do it without compromising our ideals and priorities, something many others 
have sadly made the mistake of doing (or maybe they never had them  in
the first place). As fast as linux as growing we cannow allow ourselves to
be ignored by the masses outside of the linux community. 

If it sounds like I am rambling, that's probably because I am.
Just my 2 cents.

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