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Re: Themes - do we package them?

Marcelo quotes themes.org:
> Whats this mean? Well, it means several things... If there is a
> theme or something on themes.org, then those images are now for
> personal use or for other projects.

So some "somethings" are for personal use and others are for other projects?
Any particular other projects?  How do we tell which is which?

> The work here on themes.org can be considered (GPL) except where its
> obvious that its not...

It is GPL except where it isn't.

> ...those will remain the works of the original authors.

Does the author of this labor under the delusion that GPL works are not the
property of the original authors, or does he mean that when you put a work
on themes.org it becomes theirs (who are they?  A corporation?)

> Things that are found on say the Tile of the day, or Bar of the day
> (these things will be back up soon), or propaganda.themes.org... are for
> personal use only.

So some of the stuff is not free?

> Meaning; you can't submit a theme or any work to themes.org that has an
> image FROM themes.org or is part of a theme already submitted to
> themes.org.

Or is it just that they won't accept anything that is a derivative of
something they already have?

And writes:

> themes.org's policy is a bit odd...

That's putting it mildly.  I think I have an inkling of what they are
trying to do, but as it stands the policy makes no sense.
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