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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On 19-Feb-99 Joseph Carter wrote:
> Redhat is not a Free Software distribution nor is it an "Open Source"
> distribution.  Much of what they distribute we consider non-free and if
> the Open Source Definition is essentially equivalent to the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines, well...

So the fact that Redhat pays people to develop GPL'd and LGPL'd software full
time is utterly meaningless?  Okay, so what you said..  "Much of what they
distribute we consider non-free."  What percentage constitutes "much"? 30%?
40%? Can you point me to a list showing that over 25% of the software
distributed by RH would qualify as non-free in debian?  Let's just count the
_main_ installation CD for RH5.2, if you include the other disks, you might as
well include non-free and contrib as part of the Debian.

Meaningless RH bashing makes me ill.  


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