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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

Andreas Tille wrote:

> So let us define first, *what* we want to show on our logo.
> This is always the first step in software related things.  Wy did
> we step over it??

Actually, I tried to start with that.  Look in the debian-devel archives
for a thread entitled "Mascot for Debian" (or something like that).

> Idea no. 1:  Orca for Debian

Um, this is actually idea number 24 or so.  :-)

We batted around a bunch of mascot ideas.  I believe dolphins were
suggested, but not Orca.  OTOH, several people were objecting to the use
of carnivores, which would disqualify Orca.  :-)

After watching the lengthy debate that ensued following my lone innocent
post, I decided that we might as well allow the artists the freedom to
propose ideas through their art, rather than trying to force them to
render a pre-selected image.  This follows the traditional Debian cry:
"show me the code!"  Those who actually *do* the work are in charge. 

Here's a scattering of other proposals that came out of the earlier

1.  Dragon
2.  Octopus
3.  Monkey
4.  Flying pig
5.  Ant
6.  Bee
7.  Dolphin
8.  Monkey
9.  Eagle

And that's just what I can recall without browsing the thread.  A number
of those had, er, philosophical arguments behind them, much as you had
with your proposal.

My suggestion: if you like the idea of Orca, create a logo and submit
it.  Note that the fans of the octopus and the bee already have logo
submissions in the Gimp contest.
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