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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Chris Waters wrote:

> Actually, I tried to start with that.  Look in the debian-devel archives
> for a thread entitled "Mascot for Debian" (or something like that).
I'm really happy to know, that my image of the Debian project is right
and there are everytime people who think over importand things :).
> > Idea no. 1:  Orca for Debian
> Um, this is actually idea number 24 or so.  :-)
Moreover I'm happy to lose the rule of a contest manager :)
> We batted around a bunch of mascot ideas.  I believe dolphins were
> suggested, but not Orca.  OTOH, several people were objecting to the use
> of carnivores, which would disqualify Orca.  :-)
Hoops, thats an interesting point of view.  We should try to feed 
Keiko with sea gras ... may be it works :)
> After watching the lengthy debate that ensued following my lone innocent
> post, I decided that we might as well allow the artists the freedom to
> propose ideas through their art, rather than trying to force them to
> render a pre-selected image.  This follows the traditional Debian cry:
> "show me the code!"  Those who actually *do* the work are in charge. 
> :-)
OK, but defining what we understand under the term logo would help
the artists and would save the time of creating Debian "signatures".
By the way we should really save these creative works to have it
handy for the web pages in addition to the logo!
> Here's a scattering of other proposals that came out of the earlier
> thread:
> 1.  Dragon
> 2.  Octopus
> 3.  Monkey
> 4.  Flying pig 
      ^^^^^^^^^^ Borland ??
> 5.  Ant
> 6.  Bee
> 7.  Dolphin
> 8.  Monkey
      ^^^^^^ This would be OK together with 3. and 10 further monkeys :)
> 9.  Eagle
If there are many vegetarians in the Debian project the bee will rule :)
Did you ever noticed that flesh eating animals are potential mascots
for different purposes ... I'm sure this was haevily discussed in your
mascot thread ;-)
> And that's just what I can recall without browsing the thread.  A number
> of those had, er, philosophical arguments behind them, much as you had
> with your proposal.
So the remaining question for me is, why we can't bring it to an end.
The Debian leader ship election was comming to an end.  Set up new
voting pages with the most discussed animals, lets choose the mascot and
give the artists a chance to work to this topic.
> My suggestion: if you like the idea of Orca, create a logo and submit
> it.  Note that the fans of the octopus and the bee already have logo
> submissions in the Gimp contest.
I'm really sure that my orca wouldn't be the winner :).   I could
spend my time in more succesful things.  But I'm happy to bring up
this discussion once again so a call for decision was repeated and
may be this helps.

Kind regards


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