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Re: Debian Logo Contest

djthomp@okstate.edu wrote:

>   Please, please, please lets not go off and cancel our request to the
> Gimp Contest.  Going back on our deal with them would do more to ruin
> Debian's Image than a bad logo ever would.  We promised (IIRC) 1) a
> email address on debian.org 2) a CD pack Of Debian 2.1 (2.0?) and 3)
> the use of their offering as the Debian logo.  Not doing any of these
> three would look really bad IMHO.

I think we're duty-bound to comply with one and two.  Three, on the
other hand, well, I'm afraid we may just have to give up on that.  We
want a *good* logo, so that we *don't* have to change it again in a
couple of years.  The LAST thing we want to do is keep changing our
logo.  This is far too important a decision, IMO, to put in the hands of
random non-debian voters who browse the GIMP pages.
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