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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> I don't know if the FreeBSD people will like the idea of you
> ``hijacking'' their kernel, throwing a bunch of GPLed software on top
> of it, and calling it a distribution.

If they don't want it "hijacked", they should use a license that forbids
hijacking.  It would be preposterous for them to object to a GPL'd
version when they don't object to proprietary versions.

Nevertheless, it would probably be wise to talk to them before leaping
into it.  The fact that they've already fragmented into three separate
camps implies that there may be some volatile personalities involved.

> Think of what KIMP did for both the GIMP and KDE projects.

I wasn't involved, but my impression was that KIMP was considered to
violate the GIMP license, which is a very different situation.

Ultimately, we can do it or not as we choose.  But if we talk to them,
maybe we can arrange to do it without creating yet another fork in the
BSD community.  Maybe.  And that begs the question: do we really *want*
to do this?  From what I hear, the BSDers are pretty happy with their
ports system.  I'm not sure if Debian BSD would interest many people.

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