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Re: Thoughts about GIMP Logo Contest [long]

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:

>  The day before yesterday at lunch time I took a look at the list of
>  submissions for our new logo and was *very* dissappointed.  I went to
>  lunch to meet a nice girl with a very bad mood.  I had to realize
>  that at least 70% of all current submissions fail simple rules for
>  logos - and our own rules.  The remaining max. 30% didn't look like I
>  could vote for them, although there were one to three that are
>  acceptable.
>  [... snip ...]
>  . I don't think that we don't need to manipulate the winning logo.
>    Thus I believe that a submission which only impresses an idea, that
>    is only a preview but needs to be manipulated by a person with
>    proper skills, would be fine as well.
I think we should let a skilled person push the best *idea*!
>  . I don't think that depending on one particular free program to
>    create a logo for a free project is a good decision.
>  . It is unclear to me if we need to use the winner of this contest
>    for our new logo or if we can continue searching.
>  . Thus I have *BIG* difficulties accepting this logo contest.
In the way it is I have also *BIG* difficulties.  In another thread
I explained my ideas to this topic.
> [... more text of Joey deleted to save bandwidth, but all he had
       said is true and wise and I want to support his opinion ...]

Especially I want to enforce the statemant, that the scalability
of a logo forbides pixel oriented Programs to design a logo, but
this is not the main question.  The main thing, I have to repeat myself,
is "Think first then paint!".

Kind regards


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