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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)


to support my idea of "Orca for Debian" I would like to point to
some very nice pictures which can be found under


(Disappointer: I do not have anything in common with the author but like
this site since I was searching for "real" information about orca whales
after my son was looking Free Willy.)

I was told that the decision for a logo idea has to be illustrated
with a kind of realisation.  I would like to compensate my lack of
ability to paint with these real images (which can be found in the
picture gallery).  I think many people would prefer a "living" logo
in favour of a technical one -- this is the strategy of the Linux,
the GNU and the Suse logo and of many others.  And it works.

Kind regards


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