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Re: Diskless boot NFS server image


> >I think you can change this by a DHCP parameter. In principle this
> >is also possible with BOOTP but the limited size of BOOTP packages
> >may truncate this boot option.
> Do you know what parameter?

I 'll ask my collegue who did this. He is back next monday.

> >1. As a robust "internet point" for our students. There is no login,
> >   fvwm95 and netscape is started directly from inittab.
> >2. As a comfortable maintainance option for our server: Just
> >   boot from disk, mount a nfs root filesystem and you can
> >   repair the disks, or restore a backup even from remote.
> >   There are some error messages during the boot process
> >   that complain that several files are readonly. But it works
> >   and after a disaster you surely avoid nitpicking, =

> BTW: Have you had problems with X running slowly on diskless systems?
> Everything seems normal to me, but some programs (TCL/TK: I think),
> eg xcdroast, run extremely slowly (ie 10+ seconds to display a dialog
> box). I haven't timed it, but it seems almost to take longer to
> show a dialog box then start X... I have 10Mbits/s Ethernet.

The so called "net.points" (1) run netscape and some helper
application exclusively. The performance is pretty acceptable.
There is no X Server on the rescue system (2).

Regards, Thomas

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