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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Chris Waters wrote:

> Um, IBM's logo is just letters.  Sun's logo is, well, just letters,
> technically.  I wouldn't rule out a logo based on letters, but it should
> *be* a logo, which most of the entries in the GIMP contest aren't.
The >>should *be* a logo<< question in my opinion requires a detailed
concept >>what is a Debian logo<<.  That's why i started the Debian
logo *idea* contest.  Please vote for a "letter-shaped" logo and
tell us your reasons for it to compete against my idea of

         Orca for Debian

Sorry for the low level fighting style.  I'm really embarassed about
the logo contest topic.  Unfortunately our world is ruled by
advertisement.  I'm really against this fact, but this doesn't help.
We want to attract people, so we have to cope with this fact.

Kind regards


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