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Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

Hello Debian deveolopers and friends,

this day is the first I started thinking about the importance of
a Debian logo.  Someone will say it is to late for a maintainer who
maintaines seven packages, but I concentraited my brain on other
topics.  Some alarming postings lead me to the right path now.

I wrote my ideas down in reply to a mail of Joey and repeat them here
with some advancements to call for a new contest, which has to be
run before we start to paint logos, the

    Debian Logo Idea Contest

Wy do we need such a contest.  The mails of Joey have shown, that
there is the problem of "no-unique-concept" for the logo.  Friends
we run one system, we develop one system, we work after the same
concept all day, why don't we use this well working style to represent
our project to the community?

So let us define first, *what* we want to show on our logo.
This is always the first step in software related things.  Wy did
we step over it??

To start the contest I want to bring in the first idea, which I
want to offer all the engaged and well gifted painters in our
community which could take the idea and realize it much more
better than me, because I'm not sooo good in painting.

Idea no. 1:  Orca for Debian

Why do I think that an orca whale is exactly what we need for our logo:
- often logos are animals
- let us choose an animal which stands for freedom
- there are many animals which fit this fact, but many of them
  are occupied by governments of countries
- we shouldn't stik on any sign of a certain country
- lets take an orca whale
- everybody knows the "Free Willy" story ... I don't want to say
  anything about the quality of this film, but the general idea is good
- it has something in common with our ideas:
  * we want to bring software to freedom --> its a *process to get free*
  * Debian is big, as well as an orca whale
  * it has big tooth to fight against commercial software developers
- it could be a strong logo (may be it could have something in
  common with the "world-idea" of Joey, because orcas live in all
  oceans of our world which may or may not be expressed in the futur logo,
  thats a design question which I don't want to deal with
- we can brofit very much from the popularity of the whales in our
  day!  ... we want to have popularity and we need to have popularity
- a good designer cold paint a *funny* orca -- as funny as the penguin
  and other ones
- an orca can be painted with less colors ... no problem with
  old fashioned displays and even on black and white it is fairly
- the simple shape could in any way easy painted is well scalable
  (I think also for the prefered bitmap concentrated idea!!)
  and looks well on every output medium
- its not so easy to forget such a logo if it is well painted and
  we want to attract people

OK, lets assume these ideas are good or someone has a better, its
just a suggestion.
*NOW* its time to make a logo contest for the best/funnyest/...
orca which stands for Debian.

Once more: let us delay the painting work.  Its time for thinking
first.  If we could cope with this (or any better idea) then we
have one aim -- as well as we have one aim in developing the
operating system.

Kind regards


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