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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:

> >  has anybody approached tigert to ask him would he consider having a go at
> > it?  i really respect him for the work he has done with the gnome people,
> > although i suspect he's rather busy with that at the moment as they
> > approach a 1.0 release, and may not want to take on extra work.
> I believe that we should wait a little bit until we clarify ourselves.
> However the bee thing was already done.  Andres could contact him
> regarding his Orca though.
Can someone give me a pointer to him so that I could ask?  The only
thing what I know is that I like the Gnome logo.  Thats a really fine

Kind regards


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