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Re: What is the licence of Debian-specific files (Was: Intent to package "vibrant" graphical library

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> Browsing through "debian/copyright" files, it seems that almost no
> Debian developer added such a licence (for his own work) or relicenced
> anything. In the absence of an explicit licence, can we assume that
> the licence of Debian-specific files is the same as the upstream
> licence? (I make my packages with a lot of copy-and-paste from other
> source packages, hence my concern).

1.  This is probably more appropriate on debian-legal.

2.  If there is a license on the software (which we can assume if the
package has made it into Debian), then your patches (including
"debianizing") should indeed be covered by that license unless you
explicitely license them separately.  AFAIK -- IANAL.

3.  Copy-and-paste from other source packages is something that should
*indeed* be done with care.  Not all free software licenses are
compatible with each other.  (Gratuitous example, GPL and BSDL.)
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