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Re: What is the licence of Debian-specific files (Was: Intent to package "vibrant" graphical library

[Followup to debian-legal, may be?]

On Tuesday 16 February 1999, at 22 h 27, the keyboard of Craig Sanders 
<cas@taz.net.au> wrote:

> you can license your work (both patches and original extra files) under any
> terms you choose, including the GPL.
> because the original work is public domain, you can even re-license the
> entire work under your own terms...e.g. the GPL.  

Browsing through "debian/copyright" files, it seems that almost no Debian developer added such a licence (for his own work) or relicenced anything. In the absence of an explicit licence, can we assume that the licence of Debian-specific files is the same as the upstream licence? (I make my packages with a lot of copy-and-paste from other source packages, hence my concern).

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