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Intent to package global

Hi everybody,

>From the README:

  GLOBAL is a source code tag system that works the same way across diverse
  environments. Currently, it supports the following:

     o Shell command line(see '1. Global')
     o nvi editor(see '2. Extended nvi using global')
     o emacs editor(see '3. Emacs using global')
     o Web browser(see '4. Hypertext generator')
     o Elvis editor(see '5. Elvis using global')

  Supported languages are C/Yacc and Java.
  You can locate a specified function in the source files and move
  there easily.  It is useful for hacking a large project containing
  many subdirectories, many '#ifdef' and many main() functions, like
  MH, X or BSD kernel.

The home page is:


I think its DSFG-free, but maybe others should check.

Actually I'm not a debian-developer but plan to register if anybody is 
interested on this package, and, if time permits, work on others as well.

By the way, i've already done the package, if anybody wants to test it,
the .deb is available at:


and sources are in:


any feedback would be apreciated.


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