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Re: What is the licence of Debian-specific files (Was: Intent to package "vibrant" graphical library

Craig Sanders wrote:

> you can certainly release a BSD-licensed work with your patches and
> license your changes under the GPL. this puts the entire derived work
> under the terms of both the BSD license and the GPL.

No, you definitely cannot.  The BSDL is incompatible with the GPL.  The
BSDL is also deprecated within Debian (advertising clause).  However
BSD-like licenses such as the X license are indeed compatible with the
GPL.  But some people consider it "hijacking" to relicense an X-style
licensed product under the GPL.  (Why this counts as "hijacking," while
releasing a proprietary derivative doesn't is beyond me, but that's
another question.)

Followups should probably go to debian-legal.
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